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There is a time when “live to fight another day” is a bona fide leading principle. Now is probably one of those times for you. That, of itself, is success, at least for the time being.

This is a key moment to differentiate. Show others—family, clients, friends—what truly guides and motivates you.

Decide where you want your mind to live and deliberately place it there. Repeat as often as necessary.

If you’re not fending off the barbarians at the gates, take a moment. Take a breath. This may be new to you, but others have come to this moment having persisted through 9-11 and the 2008 crash. There will be an “other side” to this. Plan to be on it.

Perform triage on yourself and your company:

  • Stop the loss of blood.
  • Take a breath. Take a moment. Look around. Get a sense of the current bigger picture.
  • Give a little imaginative thought to what things might look like, six months from now, nine months from today. Where would you like to be then? What will be “business as usual” and what will have changed? Everyone will drop into the pre-established routines without effort or thought.

Those who anticipate the new and different in our post-COVID-19 world and reposition will come out ahead of those who don’t.

What’s your public message today? Do you or your company have anything specific or unique you want to present to the group that listens to you?

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